Monday, May 24, 2010

Navigating around....

I thought I'd take a second and show you around.

On the upper left will be a small challenge.
(It will probably be a weekly challenge, but I'm not making any guarantees here people.) :)
It will be small and simple things we can each do on a daily basis -- acts of kindness, general courtesies,...just simple things.

On the right, below my profile, you'll see my button!!
{Thanks to Heidi for helping me design it and Woot!Woot! to the hubs for doing the coding for me! Thank you Your Nerdiness!}.
Go ahead. Grab it. You know you want to.
Don't know how to grab a button, or what it is? hmmmm....I shall explain.
(This is mostly for one of my sisters -- I won't say who.)

Skip this if you are already well acquainted with the button world.
{A button is a link, usually with some type of graphic, that allows bloggers to easily link to other blogs. So, the point of it, is to put it on your blog and then, people that read your blog will say "Oh my? Whatever is that for?" They will then roll their cursor over it and realize they can click on it. When they do ...TA DA! They will find their way here to my blog. It is an easy way of spreading the word so to speak. So, on to the technical side of things.....}

How to Grab a Button
To "Grab a Button" you will see a white box right below the graphic, with some coding - all of the mumbo jumbo.
1) Select all of the coding inside the box (by putting your cursor in the box and right clicking, then click "select all").
2)Then copy it by right clicking and select "Copy."
3) Next go to your blog and click on "Customize" and choose "Add a Gadget"
4) A box will pop up and scroll down until you see "HTML/Java Script" Click on that.
5) Another box will appear that says at the top "Configure HTML/Java Script." You will see a place for a "Title" -- choose whatever you like, and then there will be a large white box underneath the word "Content." Put your cursor in that white box and paste into the box, the code you copied. (Do this by either hitting "CTRL" and "V" at the same time or by right clicking and choosing "Paste.")
6) Now hit "SAVE"

The button should appear on your blog in the place where you added your new gadget.
I hope that helped.

Back to the tour....
After all of the button grabbing, you will see a few more buttons.
The first is for the World Food Programme. If you click on it, it will take you to their "Free Rice" page and you will be given simple trivia questions. The more you play and click, the more free rice gets donated from their sponsors. It's simple. It's quick. It's fun. Please click often. It is an easy way to contribute to the world hunger situation.

Below that, is a button for The Hunger Site. It will take you to their page where you just have to click on an orange button for free food to be contributed to their cause from their sponsors. Their site also has a store that you can purchase items from, as well as related sites sponsoring Breast Cancer, Child Health Issues, Literacy, Rainforest, and Animal Rescue issues. So, click away.

Finally, is a button for Do One Nice Thing -- from the book that inspired me. Her site has weekly ideas of simple things you can do.

Now, all the way back up to the top you will see page buttons. Each page is dedicated to help spread the word about a way to do some good for that particular cause. When you click on it you will see a list of links for organizations that champion that particular cause. They include: animals, children, curing different diseases and health problems, the environment or earth, the international community or globe, hunger, education and literacy, ways to be linked to volunteer opportunities, and anything else that doesn't fit into one of those categories is under "for goodness sake."

There is also a page to contact me in case you know of a cause that you would like me to add, a resource you would like to share, an idea for doing some good, an inspiring story of something you've done or someone else has done, a question you have, a project you need help with, if you need ideas from me.....anything really.

The rest is just normal business as usual.

Take a few minutes and look around. I'm sure I will be adding and changing things around, but I thought this would give you a good, quick, first glance.


Stephanie said...

This is so great! You've really done your homework! I'm totally impressed. Also, I wanted to tell you thank you (gotta work on that challenge!). There are some sites I've seen trying to be inspirational, but just leave me overwhelmed at how imperfect I am. I have to say, your site is truly inspiring. I feel motivated to go out and do a little good! Bravo, I say! ;o)

mallorie said...

Thanks for the button guidance..I mean someone might need to know how. I of course already know how to button my blog. But thank you anyway your bloginess. And LOVE the website!

Veronica said...

Britney, as usually you have found another way to be a strength and a blessing to those around you. Thank you for this. Like Stephanie said, it really is inspiring and my little wheels are turning! I will checking in on the weekly challenge. Thank you for being who you are. You are one who truly makes the world a better place. I love you!!