Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Be Inspired...by Elk River, Minnesota

The Mayor of Elk River, Minnesota challenged the residents to do 
1,000 Random Acts of Kindness.

They responded.

In February of 2010, the mayor challenged the residents to do 1,000 acts of kindness throughout the month.

All they had to do was do something kind for someone else and then tell about it.
They could call the special phone line, mail the pre-printed post card, or email the assigned email address to tell about their act of kindness.
They even made a kind-o-meter to track their progress.

The idea was inspired by the story of patrons of a Philadelphia diner that kept paying each other's bill.

Throughout the month long campaign a man paid for someone's coffee across the room at the cafe, a woman whipped up enough soup for 50 people and took it to the hunger relief kitchen, a teenager helped shovel a car out of a snowbank, an anonymous person hid $100 bill downtown with a note that read "I hope this brightens your day", librarians combined their own money to pay down overdue fines, 150 students at the high school donated money so that someone's electricity wouldn't be turned off, a man paid for the car behind him in the drive-thru, and so much more.
You can read about more of these random acts of kindness here.

I am in love with this town.

I am in love with this idea.

In addition to a city or town, this would be a great project for a school, church group, or even an extended family.

This would also be a great project for a youth to initiate and lead.

For today though, try to do something kind for someone else.

If you feel like emailing me to let me know what you did, you can do so at
I'd love to hear from you.

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Stephanie said...

I just read a bunch of the comments from that post you linked to. Wouldn't the world be a perfect place if we all did that a little more? It's amazing the difference you can make in someone's life by doing something so minor. Love it! And love you! :o) Hope you're feeling better!