Monday, February 14, 2011

Guess what today is?

Did you guess??

If you guessed Valentine's Day, you're only partially correct.

I hope your day of love has been a good one, but I really want to let you know that today kicks off an entire week of love.

This week is...

You can join the week of celebrations and take the Extreme Kindness Challenge here.

Everyday they have a kindness idea of the day.

Today's idea:

Send a note of appreciation.
image via random acts of kindness foundation

Fairly simple.

I love this.

Bring on the kindness.

If you have any great ideas or experiences, feel free to share with me. 
We will feature a few ideas all week. 

Be sure to spread the word and spread the kindness.

Happy Valentine's Day 


Happy Random Acts of Kindness Week!!!!

P.S. In case you missed it, you might be inspired by this lovely lady
featured here.


Chantel said...

Is it Chinese Lunar New Year?

Amanda Neilson said...

Wow! Reading that woman's day of good deeds made me exhausted! It would be fun to plan a modified version to do with my kids. Thanks for the link. Very inspiring!