Thursday, July 22, 2010

FeelGood and the Hunger Project


FeelGood: A youth movement and program that transforms students into life-long social entrepreneurs and responsible global citizens.

Their goal is to end world hunger one grilled cheese at a time.

That's right.

You heard me.

One grilled cheese at a time.
Here's how it works.

FeelGood has FeelGood Fellowships.

Essentially, they look for student leadership teams that want to launch and operate a FeelGood non-profit deli on their university campus --specializing in grilled cheese.

The fellowship provides $800 of investment capital the first year, on-demand consulting, access to marketing, branding and educational materials, as well as training camps and international service trips.
Students get practical hands-on experience running a business, skills to launch an educational campaign, and the opportunity to initiate dialog about the root causes of hunger and the possible solutions.

These delis give away gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches (and information on hunger throughout the world)  in exchange for donations.

100% of the profits are invested in organizations with a proven track record in eradicating hunger.

One such organization is 
The Hunger Project.
The Hunger Project Home
You can go here to learn more about it.

If you are in college and interested in starting a chapter you are in luck.

FeelGood is looking to start 10 new chapters across the country.
Go here to learn more.

If you are not a college student, or not interested in taking on such a big project,
you can still support this very clever project by going here.
Next time you eat a grilled cheese, think about how much good that tasty little sandwich could really do.
{Man that looks SO good right now!}

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talis said...

Britney!! This is beautiful. On behalf of the FeelGood movement, THANK YOU! Amplifying our message is a tremendous gift you're giving us with this power post.

Also, I love your site, what a great idea! It's inspiring and such a great resource to find easy ways to get involved in loving our earth and human family by learning, volunteering and living an intentional lifestyle.

All the best! Love, peace 'n cheese- Talis