Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SNICKERS is Feeding America

Did you know today is National Junk Food Day?
It's true.

So, in honor of the special day I have something very easy for you.




That's right.

You get to help.

Here's how.

Buy one of these.

Go here
and enter in the code from the inside of the package.

When you do, 

will donate 

for a total of up to 3.5 million meals.

It's easy.
It's fast.

You can help end hunger just by eating something yummy.

You could be doing this.
Looking oh so happy to be eating some chocolate.

{Okay. I admit it. This is my sister and she's not eating a Snickers, but I just really think this picture is funny.}

Junk food it up baby and do something good.

Have I mentioned I love me some Snickers?
I do.
Oh I do.

1 comment:

mallorie said...

Nice Britney... You're in so much trouble. But YAY Snickers! I think I shall go have myself one now.