Friday, December 17, 2010

Cookie Exchange for Charity

I know that a cookie exchange is a popular tradition for many people during this time of year, but I love the spin that Agnes Hsu, a talented bakery owner, puts on it.

I recently read about her in the December 2010 issue of BHG and had to share her brilliant idea.
She holds a cookie exchange and raises money for a charity all at the same time.
I thought it was a simple enough idea that anyone already holding a cookie swap could adopt.
Better Homes and Gardens
image via BHG
Here's how it works...

Everyone brings their favorite cookies and the name of their charity of choice.

image via BHG
Each cookie is assigned a number to help keep track of which cookie is which. Everyone votes throughout the evening for their favorite cookie with cash. The person with the most votes gets to take all of the donations from the night and give them to their charity of choice.

Then divide and package the cookies just as you usually would. 
See? So simple!

I love this idea. So smart.

Here are a few fun links to help with your own cookie exchange.
Chocolate-Raspberry Tassies
Here is a link from BHG to get you started with their favorite Christmas Cookie Exchange Recipes.

Or try these beauties from Our Best Bites

Try printing off a few of these free cookie exchange tags from Joy Ever After

I love these!

Happy Cookie Swapping -- may you bring more goodness through something already so tasty!!! 


Steph said...

That's genius!

Stephanie said...

Oh how cute is that? They did that same sort of thing for the school winter party this year (the voting with money part). Although I don't think everyone understood they were supposed to vote with money because I only got 3rd place! (I'm totally joking, although the winner got a $50 Olive Garden gift certificate so I was a little bummed). Anyway, so I think that's a great idea!