Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm on vacation!

I'm on vacation for the next week so there won't be any new posts.

I'm going to spend the rest of my time enjoying my vacation.

If you need something new to look at, browse through the pages above and check out all of the great organizations and causes.
Or scroll through old posts to get caught up.

Hope you have a good week!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Service Project Idea: Making Fleece Blankets

Need a service project idea?

Here is one from the ladies in my local church.

They made no-sew fleece blankets to donate to the children at the 
Utah County Children's Justice Center Logo
Utah County Children's Justice Center.

About the Utah County Children's Justice Center:
The Children's Justice Center is a homelike facility that helps children and families of abuse.

A child stays in this facility when there is an allegation of child abuse or when a child witnesses a crime.
The program is designed to help deal with the trauma associated with such events and help the child feel safe.
Those affected by the alleged abuse are given a place to stay during the investigation as well as counseling services.

Utah County CJC building

The Children's Justice Center is a public/private partnership, meaning they receive some state funding, but also rely on private donations to run the program.
You can learn more about the Utah County Children's Justice Center here.

About the project:
 The service project was a simple one and one that would be easy for any size group to do.

They purchased fleece and cut to an appropriate size for a child.
{Go here for sizing and measurements.}
The fringed edges were cut in advance and then as a group, the ladies tied the fringe into knots to finish off the blankets. 

You can do either a single layer of fleece or a double.

In order to keep costs down and maximize the money they had budgeted for this project, they purchased the fleece when it was on sale and even used one of those famous coupons.

It was a fairly quick evening, (although I'm sure it took some time for the prep work of snipping the edges, but I think that could be done during the project if you needed.)

This would even be a doable project for youth -- all you have to do is tie a single knot. Quite simple.

For tutorial/instructions and measurements, try here or here.

One thing to think about when donating anything to a facility or organization is to ask ahead of time if they need a minimum donation.

The Children's Justice Center did not need a minimum donation, so anything you would like to give would be appreciated. That makes this a good project for a small group (maybe for a family to do at Christmas time.)

They also rotate the children who are in and out of the program, so there is always a need and the children are frequently different.

This is Hannah, one of the lovelies that arranged this activity.

Here is the other lovely, Stephanie.

The Children's Justice Center heavily depends on private donations to keep things running well.
They also depend on volunteers and child mentors. 
To learn more about the ways you can help as a child mentor or volunteer go here for the information.
If you would like to donate money to them directly you can go here.
If you would like to contact them to provide a donation similar to these blankets, you can go here for the contact info.

You can also go here to the FRIENDS of the Utah County Children's Justice Center, a private, non-profit corporation providing support and fundraising for the CJC, You can donate to them here in their efforts to support the CJC or find other ways to help and support.

Not local?
Go here to the National Children's Alliance to find a program in your area and find out more about Children's Advocacy.
(Click on the locator in the orange bar near the top of the page.)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

FeelGood and the Hunger Project


FeelGood: A youth movement and program that transforms students into life-long social entrepreneurs and responsible global citizens.

Their goal is to end world hunger one grilled cheese at a time.

That's right.

You heard me.

One grilled cheese at a time.
Here's how it works.

FeelGood has FeelGood Fellowships.

Essentially, they look for student leadership teams that want to launch and operate a FeelGood non-profit deli on their university campus --specializing in grilled cheese.

The fellowship provides $800 of investment capital the first year, on-demand consulting, access to marketing, branding and educational materials, as well as training camps and international service trips.
Students get practical hands-on experience running a business, skills to launch an educational campaign, and the opportunity to initiate dialog about the root causes of hunger and the possible solutions.

These delis give away gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches (and information on hunger throughout the world)  in exchange for donations.

100% of the profits are invested in organizations with a proven track record in eradicating hunger.

One such organization is 
The Hunger Project.
The Hunger Project Home
You can go here to learn more about it.

If you are in college and interested in starting a chapter you are in luck.

FeelGood is looking to start 10 new chapters across the country.
Go here to learn more.

If you are not a college student, or not interested in taking on such a big project,
you can still support this very clever project by going here.
Next time you eat a grilled cheese, think about how much good that tasty little sandwich could really do.
{Man that looks SO good right now!}

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SNICKERS is Feeding America

Did you know today is National Junk Food Day?
It's true.

So, in honor of the special day I have something very easy for you.




That's right.

You get to help.

Here's how.

Buy one of these.

Go here
and enter in the code from the inside of the package.

When you do, 

will donate 

for a total of up to 3.5 million meals.

It's easy.
It's fast.

You can help end hunger just by eating something yummy.

You could be doing this.
Looking oh so happy to be eating some chocolate.

{Okay. I admit it. This is my sister and she's not eating a Snickers, but I just really think this picture is funny.}

Junk food it up baby and do something good.

Have I mentioned I love me some Snickers?
I do.
Oh I do.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Simple Idea: Donate your miles

Are you planning to travel this summer?

Are you flying?

Do you have miles you haven't used?
Are you already planning to use them?

Consider this simple idea.

American Airlines has a program called

Miles for kids in need is a program that provides worldwide support for children and their families who have medical, educational, and social service issues.

Did you know you can put those unused miles to use?
You can.

Donate them.

By donating your miles you can help provide the necessary transportation for a child in need.

Go here to read all about it.
Go here to donate your miles.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Project 3/50

Have you seen this on my sidebar?

What is it?

Good question.

It is a project and a movement designed to help encourage support of locally owned, independent businesses and in turn improve the economy by improving local economies.

Here's how it works.

They ask you to pick 3 independently owned businesses.
Support them.
Stop in.
Purchase something.

Commit to spending $50 a month in these locally owned businesses.

 Hence, 3/50.

I find this idea very intriguing.
I can see how this could bring a lot of good into your own community.

You can read all about it here.
Go here to donate directly to the cause.
You can check out the blog here.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Charity Yard Sale

If you're local, be sure to visit the 

Charity Yard Sale

with the CIA.
No. We're not talking covert ops people.

Different CIA.

Citizens in Action.

Citizens in Action is an agency that serves people with disabilities -- namely mental disabilities.
They also try to help show the community what people with disabilities can contribute.

You can help.

They are having a 
Charity Yard Sale
this Saturday, July 17th
from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
in the parking lot of TURN Community Services at
1837 S. East Bay Boulevard
in Provo.

The funds from the yard sale are going directly to a local 4 year old boy with multiple disabilities. 
They are trying to help him get the medical supplies that he needs.

They are going to have A LOT of stuff!

And there will be a cash jar if you would like to directly donate to the cause.

They do not have a website, but are working on getting one up and running soon.
I'll keep you posted.

This is a fairly young agency and they are trying to get their name out there.
This is a great time to get to know them AND find a treasure.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Best of all, you get to help and it's easy!

Go here and build a virtual banana split.

Every day you do, Electrolux will donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
for a maximum donation of $40,000.

It takes just a minute.

You can also create and send a virtual cake here.
This is this month's featured cake. You can send this one or make your own.
Every day you do, Electrolux will do the same --

If you'd like to donate directly to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund you can do so here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cooper's Run

Here is a chance to do some good and do something good for you.

It's called Cooper's Run.

It is in honor of this little boy.

Click To Read The Obituary


He unexpectedly died July 31, 2009 at just 4 years old.

This run was started by his loving family for three reasons.

First, to honor Cooper by turning the anniversary of his death into a yearly tradition where they are surrounded by friends, family and community engaged in a good cause.

Second, they want to bring attention toward and say "thank you" to all of the City of Orem and EMS workers everywhere who act with so much reverence, respect, and compassion during these difficult situations.

Third, they would like to raise money a scholarship for other 3 and 4 year olds who could not otherwise afford it, be able to attend "Learning Dynamics" -- the preschool Cooper attended and loved.

Cooper's Run
will be July 31, 2010.
There will be a 5K as well as a family/kid's fun run.
The 5K will begin at 9:00 a.m.
and the Fun Run will begin at 10:00 a.m.

There will be otter pops at the end of the run, as well as an outdoor band and up-close look at some of Orem's police fire and rescue vehicles.
And, if all goes well....a visit from the AirMed helicopter. 

Go here for all of the race details and registration information.

Click To Read The Story

Come help a family honor this sweet boy and create something good.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This summer, help Pepsi "Refresh" Utah, Summit and Wasatch Counties by participating in the Pepsi Refresh Summer Food Drive benefiting the 
the food bank that serves Utah, Summit and Wasatch Counties!

Our goal is to raise 200,000 pounds of food throughout the summer to help families struggling to afford the things they need. There will be plenty of events and opportunities throughout the summer to give and to make a difference in your community.

Here are a few ways you can help:

Give food in Pepsi Refresh food barrels at Pepsi retailers throughout Utah County. 
Click here to see a food drive location schedule.

Food drive donation bags will be going out in Daily Herald newspapers on Sunday, July 18.  Fill them up and take them to any Associated Food store in Utah or Wasatch Counties. 
Click here for a list of participating Associated Food Stores.

Take food donations to any Friday night Orem Owlz game and get a free regular size Pepsi product! 
Click here to see a season schedule.

At the Orem Owlz game on Tuesday, September 7
Pepsi will be presenting a $10,000 check to Community Action Services and Food Bank and announcing the results of the summer food drive.

Donate directly to Community Action Services and Food Bank by clicking here

Community Action Services and Food Bank logo

If you want to donate consider items from the following list.

Most needed items:
Peanut butter
Canned Tuna
Canned beans and chili
Canned stews and soups
100% fruit juice
Powdered milk
Canned fruits and vegetables
Macaroni and Cheese Dinners
Toilet paper
Bar soap
Laundry soap
Disposable diapers
Feminine hygiene products

Not local?
Find a food bank near you by going here.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project

Pepsi is giving away millions in grants to people, businesses, and non-profits with great ideas that will have a positive impact.

Here is a quick video about it.

Anyone can submit their ideas in one of six categories.

Anyone can vote for their favorite ideas. 
You can vote up to 10 times each day.
You can even vote for your own if you'd like.

Ideas chosen by voters will be given the grant money and the process will start all over. 
Go here to vote and browse for ideas. 

for one month, PEPSI is giving an additional $1.3 million to ideas that specifically help the gulf.
You can start submitting ideas on July 12th for 4 days only (or until they receive 1000 ideas - whichever comes first.)
Go here to learn more about that.

This is so cool!

Here is your chance.
If you've ever wanted to make a difference and wanted to get a little cash to get it started -- act now!!

P.S. If you're local -- stay tuned.
Pepsi is directly helping to feed the hungry here in Utah County and you can help!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Expressions of Kindness

This one may surprise you a bit,...
but, stay with me.

And just smile really big!

Botox Cosmetic has started the
to shine the light on all of the small, everyday acts of kindness.

Great idea.

They are trying to start a conversation about all of the good that is happening in the world and use it to help raise money for charity.

They want to empower your kindness and then pay it forward.

By promoting kindness done both by you and for you, Botox Cosmetic will donate 
$25 to your choice of three charities. 
They hope to donate up to $250,000.

The three charities are:

Make it Right 9
Make It Right
This is an organization (founded by Brad Pitt - Oh you heard that didn't you???) dedicated to rebuilding the lower 9th ward in New Orleans and to be a catalyst to build energy-efficient, green homes all across the country.
Go here or here to read more about them.

Dress for Success

This is an international NPO committed to helping disadvataged women take charge of their own lives.
They provide professional attire and a network of support and career development tools to help women thrive.
Go here or here to read more about them.

Children's Action Network
Childrens Action Network

This organization uses the power of the entertainment community to increase awareness about children's issues and make them a top everyday priority. They are currently focused on helping to find more homes for children waiting for adoption and to improve the outcome of those in foster care.
Read more about them here or here.

Here's how it works:

1). Go here and create your profile.
2). At the end of your profile, choose your charity from the three mentioned above.
Done. $25 to a good cause.

There is a question about receiving Botox, but it is NOT NECESSARY to have received or be interested in receiving Botox to participate.

You can then share your profile on Facebook or Twitter
and receive an additional $5 to your donation.

You can also Tweet about it for an additional $1.

Go here to read more about the campaign.