Thursday, November 10, 2011


Some feel like the date tomorrow 11*11*11 will be a very special day.

You can ensure that it will be. 
Take the chance tomorrow to celebrate the day with

11 Acts of Kindness

In addition to the special date --  it's Veteran's Day!!!!

So many opportunities to do just a little bit of good.

Here are a few ideas...

Visit this blog to see some of the ways she suggests doing a little good.
She has ideas that take a little work and elbow grease, ideas that require a little bit of money, ideas that require no money,....lots of ideas. Check it out!

Or....visit here to see all of Debbie's ideas
 ...especially those deeds that help our veterans and servicemen.

Or go here
to join in her month long celebration endeavor of spreading kindness.

Or visit here
and look at some of the great ideas that are already being done by others.

Most importantly,...don't feel overwhelmed, guilty, or stressed.

Keep it simple...perhaps just send a sweet note to school in your kids' lunches.
Here is one I found on Pinterest.

Whatever you decide, make it a great day!!

I'd love to hear back from you.

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