Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bread Art Project

I have a really fun way to give back and do some good today.

You will have fun.
I promise.

The Grain Foods Foundation is helping to fight childhood hunger and raise awareness of the hunger problem in this country with the
Bread Art Project.

For every piece of art created by you and me (and others), they will donate
They are giving an outright donation of $50,000 to Share Our Strength, but will increase that donation up to another $50,000 for a total donation of $100,000.

But they need you.

Go here to the Bread Art Project.

Create a piece of virtual bread art.

Done. $1 goes to Share Our Strength.

Hurry. This only goes until June 30th.
At the time this post was created they were at $48,920.

They still need over one thousand people to design a piece of bread.
You should be one of them.

It takes just a few minutes.

You can stroll through the gallery and you won't believe what others were able to do!

If you create a slice, download it and send it to me. I'd love to see it.

Maybe we'll even have our own gallery.
Here's mine.

{Okay, okay. I did two of them, but I can't find the other one.}

So clicky clicky clack and do some good today.

Toast anyone?
(Doesn't it sound so good now?!)

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