Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Good Father -- by Thelissa

Quick introduction: Thelissa is my sister-in-law and therefore, the good father you get to read about happens to be my father-in-law, Russ. I am so very blessed to have two great Dads in my life. 

Shortly after my 21st birthday I stood in an airport preparing to leave for Cape town, South Africa. I had been away from home before, but never like this. I'd never been gone for this long and never with so many unknown experiences ahead of me. I remember feeling scared and excited, hesitant and anxious all at the same time. Just as it was time for me to board the plane and head out into the "real world" my Dad gave me the best advice I have ever received. It was simple and to the point, and yet poignant. His words were... 
"Decide now, to do good."

This went through my mind for days, weeks, even months as I settled myself into life on my own. Truth be told, they echo in my head even now.  At times when I am faced with a new challenge or assignment in life, I remember those words and set my sights on doing just as he said, no matter what the situation. "Decide now, to do good."

Sometimes when people offer advice they mean well, but don't act on what they themselves have pontificated. It is easier to tell someone else the "right way" to do something, but not so easy to live up to what they have said. But in this situation, my Dad has very much lived up to the advice he gave me years ago. He has set an example of doing good in his own life and I admire him very much! I always feel "InGood Co." when I am with my Dad.

Some of His Good Accomplishments  include:
Served as Brigham Young University's Student Body Vice President of Culture
A career full of  managing several radio stations
Sales and marketing trainer for Bonneville International Corp.
Involved with CBS Radio Affiliates Board and National Broadcasters Association
Served in many capacities for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Volunteers yearly for the Christmas Around the World Showcase at Brigham Young University for their Folkdance Presentation
Taught at 2 Universities, over the course of several years
Earned his PhD in communication at the age of 61

Husband to Ilene, Father to 4 and Grandfather to 14.

 (My beautiful mother-in-law)

Some of His Good Qualities include:
Being patient, compassionate and caring for others.
Being a strong leader and good example.
Being an excellent listener and an amazing teacher.
Being "down to earth" and wise in the ways of life.
Being willing to give of his time and energy to better his family and help them where needed.

When looking over all that my Dad has done and all he has become, I can see that he has lived up to his own advice to me. He is a good man in general. He has dedicated his life to his love of learning, teaching, and most of all to his family. I love him for teaching me and guiding me and encouraging me to make my own decision each day, to do good! 

Happy Father's Day Dad.

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