Friday, June 18, 2010

A Good Father -- by Heidi

A little introduction: Heidi is one of my dear friends and I knew that anyone as great as her had to have a really good Dad. Indeed, I was right. I'm excited for you to get to know her and her Dad Norman.

I feel like I have been whisked back to Bransford Elementary School and given an assignment from my teacher. You know the kind of assignment – the class is given a piece of paper that says something like “I love my Dad because…” or “My Dad has taught me…” and then pencils start to fly.

This is where I get to show everyone that my Dad is better than his or her Dad. Because he is better, in fact he is the best.

When I think of adjectives that describe my father several come to mind but I won't bore you with all 300 or so. Instead I’ll focus on just a few.

Funny. Norman is funny. He is one of those people you want to be around because they make you laugh. When I picture my dad he is always smiling, or laughing (he has the best laugh – better than your dad’s). His laughter and smile are contagious and have reminded me to chill out on more than one occasion. Unknowingly he has taught me how to look at difficult circumstances and try to find something to laugh about. That ability has made my life easier and more joyful. Although I do cry pretty easily, (that I get from my mother), I do find it pretty easy to laugh and to be happy. That I get from my father.

A good husband. My Dad is a good husband. (For the record this is where I start tearing up – thanks mom.) Growing up I rarely saw my parents in the kitchen together without some kind of smooching going on. There was never a question that my father loved my mother, passionately I might add. Yes, they had disagreements, but then there was always that smooching. They let me know and taught me that in marriage you can disagree and still love each other.

My dad often refers to my mom as his girlfriend – I love that. In fact I remember a specific time when I was talking back to my mom as only a perfect teenage daughter would, and the response from him was immediate. “You will not talk to my girlfriend that way” came his booming voice. I rolled my eyes then but I sure do love the example he set today.

About 12 years ago my husband and I lost a son who was stillborn. My mom was the first person I called, sobbing and in tremendous pain. She told me she would be on a flight and by my side the next day. A few hours later she called back to say that after talking to my dad, she decided that she wouldn’t be flying in immediately. You see ,my dad reminded her that at such a difficult time Cord and I should be leaning on each other instead of me leaning on my mother. His wise council helped Cord and I build a strong marriage. That experience bonded us in a way nothing else can and I am grateful for that.

Baseball. My dad taught me to love baseball. My dad is a huge San Francisco Giants fan. My summers were filled with Giants games on T.V., on the radio and occasionally at Candlestick Park. I can also remember playing "three fly’s up" with him over at Bransford Elementary. He would hit fly balls up into what seemed like outer space and then my brothers and I would try to catch them. Once we caught three balls it was our turn to hit. My father easily caught the small pop flies I hit as a girl, and throughout my life he has been there to catch me. In times of difficulty or with simple everyday questions he has given me advice. He has set an example of what a good man is and he loves me unconditionally. I am and always have been, so proud to point to him and say 

“That’s my dad”.

I love you Dad! 
 More than I could begin to express. 
In fact, I love your guts!!

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