Thursday, June 3, 2010

What puts you in a good mood?

Oscar Mayer wants to know.
They have joined up with Feeding America and want to turn good moods into good deeds.

Oscar Mayer started by donating one million pounds of food to Feeding America and have a goal of three million pounds. You can help.

Go here and tell them what puts you in a good mood. You finish the sentence "It doesn't get better than..." and then type your name.
Just for doing that Oscar Mayer will donate 1 pound of food.

Want to do more?

Share it with 4 friends via email and they will add another 5 pounds of food.

More you say?

Become a fan on Facebook and they will donate another 10 pounds of food!!!

It is really quick and they walk you right through the steps.

All it takes is a few clicks and you've done a really good deed for today!

So, clicky click!

Want to learn more about Oscar Mayer's Good Mood Mission? Go here.
Want to learn more about Feeding America -- the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity? Go here.


Thelissa said...

Did it.

mom said...

I love this website, I was able to donate and didn't even have to move. What a great feeling. Thank you for the efforts you are putting in to help the rest of us make a difference, even in little ways. Very cool. I am smiling, even though there is no one here to see me. hahaha :) This website makes me smile, so thank you, Love you, mom