Friday, June 11, 2010

Is it lunch time yet?

In the mood for a taco? Burrrrrrito? Si?

Head to Taco Bell.


Because when you do you can donate to the 

{Have you seen the commercials with Mark Wahlberg?}

Taco Bell Foundation has teamed up the Mark Wahlberg Foundation for Youth and Boys & Girls Club of America to help address the alarming number of high school drop outs in communities throughout the U.S. 

They help provide at-risk teens with mentors and real world experiences through vocational training and volunteer opportunities to help them become active citizens in their community, and the inspire them to stay in school and continue onto higher education. 

Their goal is to reach 100,000 teens every year and help cut the drop-out crisis in half by 2018.

The funds that Taco Bell raises goes to help support programs such as the local chapters of the Boys & Girls Club of America. You can see a list of the grants they have given, here

Their initiative is called Graduate to Go and goes until 
June 15th.

They ask that you give a dollar to help with this cause.

If you'd rather donate online go here.

So if you're going to eat out today, or in the next few days, consider going to Taco Bell and give a dollar toward the cause -- or even just the change in your pockets and help a teen graduate.


Anne said...

um...i am loving this! and your button is going on my blog right now. i just sat down to check my google reader (after 3 weeks of not, yikes) and am so happy to see what you have done here. it's kind of amazing.

mom said...

Cool, a great excuse to go out to dinner, you rock!!! The only thing that would make this better is if you were here to go out to dinner with us. I love this. This is the best website ever!!! Love you, mom