Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Gift Idea -- for Father's Day

Is your Dad hard to buy for?
Of course he is. Aren't all Dads?!

Does he love gadgets?

Check out these cool "green" gift ideas from This Old House.

A few of my favorites...

An ultra-bright Solar-Powered Area Light

Solar-powered Security Light

Senses motion and turns on whichever light is plugged into the receiver. 

 Like Monopoly, but made out of recyclable materials and uses eco-terminology.

Recyclable Golf Balls
USGA Standard, made of 100% recyclable materials that can be used to make more golfballs or other products. Each box contains a pouch to send back balls to manufacturer.

Solar-Powered Bird Bath 
 Uses no plumbing or wiring -- the sun does all the work. Cool.

My very favorite...

Two-in-One Solar and Wind Charger

Uses both solar and wind energy and can charge cell phones, ipods, and other electrical devices, indoors or out. It has a large rechargeable battery that when fully charged, can charge a cell phone more than 5 times.  Really cool. Love it.

You can go here for the full article and to find prices and buying information.

Spend a little green 
Go a little green for Father's Day.

all images via This Old House

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