Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June is Clean Air Month

I was unaware.
Apparently, it is the month to focus on cleaning up our air.

The American Lung Association sponsors Clean Air Month to work toward the goal of fighting air pollution so elderly and those with asthma and chronic lung diseases can breath easier.

They ask you to:
Drive less
Use less electricity
Refrain from burning wood or trash
Get involved

They would like you to participate in your community's review of it's air pollution plans and support state and local efforts to clean up air pollution.
To find your local air-pollution control agency go 

If you're local, go here to the American Lung Association in Utah for current information and efforts concerning this community.
{If you're not local just google your state -- it should be there.}

Go here to learn about some of the creative ways you can donate to the American Lung Association.
(Did you know  you can donate to them by using Shutterfly and by selling and buying on ebay? Who knew?!)

For the month of June, try choosing just one of above-mentioned ideas.
I think I will try using less electricity. 
If I could just get my kids to turn off the lights when they leave the room, we'll be good to go.
{Is it just me, or does anyone else's children do that? I swear I can remember my own parents saying something similar.....I'm not sure.}

Happy Clean Air Month!

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Carrie said...

Who knew? You think I would seeing as how I live in Portland area and all, but, nope.