Friday, June 25, 2010

Things to Do this Weekend

There is a lot going on.

Here is a reminder of some of the good you can do this weekend.

Remember Travis?
The big Bike MS event is this Saturday, June 26th.

You can volunteer to help.
Or donate to the cause.
Go here to read all of the information.


You can participate in the CUCIL 5k on Saturday.

You can also help with registration, water, and clean-up.
Or donate directly to CUCIL.
Go here for the details.


You can donate to Feeding America to help fight hunger.

and double your money until June 30th.
Go here for all of the information.


You can go to the Bread Art Project

and design a virtual piece of bread to help donate $1 to
Share Our Strength.
Go here for the details.


Submit a video by June 30th to Cover Girl 

telling them what  you do to give back and make the world a better place, and why this makes you beautiful inside and out.
Cover Girl will then donate one week's worth of water to a child in need.
Or donate directly to the Children's Safe Drinking Water Program.
Go here for all of the links and information.


Tell Oscar Mayer what puts you in a good mood 

and they'll donate 
one pound of food to Feeding America.
Go here for all of the info.


In honor of National Candy Month you can buy some HERSHEY'S chocolate 

and help give a great education for children in need and support the legacy of Milton Hershey.
Go here to read more about it.

June is a great month!


Thelissa said...

Thanks for all the info. I appreciate you passing it on to us.

aaron&marianne said...

hey- this is a cool blog- but it doesn't come up on your profile when u comment on mine- only books appetite comes up! i am glad i found you- no more pumpernickle?

-Jenny said...

Okay, I loved doodling on the toast! See if you can find mine, AND I just sent the link for Oscar Meyer's Good Mood Mission to 12 people for a total donation of 16 lbs of food. AWESOME!!

Britney said...

I loved the bread too. I thought it was really fun!

Awesome for the 16 lbs. of food!