Monday, June 21, 2010

SunChips are really Good!

Today, June 21st is the official 
First Day of Summer!!!

To me that means picnic time.

Need an idea of something good to take to your next picnic.

It should be

Why you ask?

Not only are they tasty (and no one is paying me to say that -- I really do like them), but it is much better than that.

Have you noticed the new bag?

Look closer.

See that?

100% compostable!!!!!

That is so cool.

Each bag is completely designed to break down in 14 weeks.

Here's a time-lapsed video of the composting process.

It is the world's first 100% compostable chip bag. 
I LOVE it!
It is made from plant-based materials.

I really hope other companies jump on board with this.

{I was just telling my son about this as he watched me put together this post. He said "Wow. That is such a smart idea." Indeed.}

If you don't know how to compost or how to get started -- they've got that covered too.
Go here for a simple tutorial and some tips.

The bag is slightly noisier but I don't mind in the least.
{It makes it easier to tell when someone is sneaking into the chip bag in between meals.}

Need another reason to buy SunChips for your summer picnics?

They also use solar energy in their Modesto, California plant to produce 145,000 bags of chips every day.

You can learn about this process here and download a file for all of the details.

If you want to do some good this summer, take a bag of SunChips to your next picnic, and compost the bag.

Who knew chips could be so good!?
I love me some SunChips!!!

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Stephanie said...

I love Sun Chips too! And yes, the bag is a tad bit noisier, but it just makes us laugh because, like you said, now you can know when someone's getting into the bag. And that is NOT a bad thing!