Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Charity Camp

Summer is here.
Camps are in full swing.

They actually provide a way to do a lot of good.

If you are local consider this one.

Travis Hansen Charity Basketball Camp

It will be July 7th -July 9th.
at the Flash Factory in Lehi.

The Little Heroes Foundation has partnered with 
Nature's Sunshine to make this camp possible.

Travis Hansen, a former BYU All-Star will direct the camp along with several other volunteer coaches.
Children learn basketball fundamentals, teamwork, and leadership, but....

more importantly....

they learn about doing good

and being good

and giving back.

Part of the time at camp will be spent participating in a service project that will benefit children in need throughout the world.
A few of the causes they support include Russian orphans, Malaria in Africa, and children with cancer.
So cool.

Go here to register for the camp.
Hurry! It's next week!

The Little Heroes Foundation wants to make the world a better place.
From their site:
Our mission is to create a better world by inspiring the hero within. We believe that each individual born on Earth has the capacity to make a positive difference in the world around them.
To learn more about the Little Heroes Foundation go here.
To donate directly to the foundation go here

Not local? Basketball not your thing?
Need another idea?
Consider sponsoring a child in your area to attend a camp.
Maybe they have a talent they want to develop, but come from difficult circumstances.
Maybe they need a good distraction from life.

Remember the post about Camp Kesem?
A special camp for children whose parents suffer from cancer.
Real more about it here.

Look around in your area -- there are so many good summer camps to choose from.
There are so many kids in need of something good.

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